By providing personal data through this means, the Data Subject, in accordance with the provisions of the current regulations on personal data protection, especially Law 1581 of 2012 and Decree 1074 of 2015, authorizes freely, expressly, and unequivocally Siete Entertainment S.A.S., and its affiliated companies, to collect and process the personal data provided truthfully and completely, which will be used for the following purposes:


i. To carry out, through any means directly or through third parties, marketing, promotion, and/or advertising of their own or third-party products or services, market intelligence, behavior, habit, and service enablement, fraud prevention, as well as any other activities related to our current and future products and services within our corporate purpose.


ii. To generate optimal communication regarding their services, products, promotions, and other related activities.


iii. To evaluate the quality of their products and services and conduct studies on consumer habits, preferences, purchase or consumption interests, product testing, concept evaluation, service evaluation, satisfaction, and other aspects related to their services and products.


iv. To fulfill the obligations contracted with their clients, allies, users, suppliers, subsidiaries, distributors, subcontractors, and other individuals directly or indirectly related to the corporate purpose of Siete Entertainment SAS.

v. To control and prevent fraud in all its forms.


Likewise, the Data Subject declares that they are aware that the collection and processing of data will be carried out in accordance with the Personal Data Processing Policy of the company receiving this authorization, stating that they have been clearly and sufficiently informed of the purposes of its processing and the possibility they had to withhold authorization for sensitive information.


The Data Subject states that they were informed of their rights as the owner of the information, especially the right to know, update, and rectify their personal information, revoke the authorization, and request the deletion of data, which they can exercise through in-person channels, email, and the telephone line.


Similarly, the Data Subject acknowledges and accepts that this data authorization includes any photograph sent by the Data Subject in which any information related and/or associated with them is captured and allows for the establishment of their identity. Such data will also be considered as Personal Data subject to this data processing, in accordance with the guidelines of Law 1581 of 2012, specifically Article 6, literal a).